All newspapers and news channels should be free by law

The right to access informative, important, relevant and accurate news in any form whether in print or electronic is key to developing a considered opinion.  Expressing that opinion is a democratic right. Therefore free access to any newspaper or electronic news channel should be enshrined in law.  There should be no profits (or profits should be capped) in owning, running a newspaper or news channel which will improve the quality of the reporting and standard of the press. 

Why does this idea matter?

Saving the environment. Newspapers will shrink in numbers of pages, using much less ink and fewer pages to landfill each day thus become more environmentally friendly.

Quality of the content will improve.  With fewer pages, Editors will only publish things of real importance be more inclined to employ good quality reporters and journalists with real talent.

Better informed public debate.  More deliberation and intellectual conversations will flow from a higher standard of media. People's opinions should be shaped by quality reporting and not by the newspaper with the biggest budget/advertising income.  Unless this is the point, of course?!

Reduction in drivel will be published.  If you want to know if Victoria Beckham have had three raisins for lunch over the last five days, then readers could always buy a specialist celebrety (!) magazine. 

Good for the printed media.  Weekly/Monthly specialist magazines should flourish once their content is not poached by headline grabbing daily newspapers.

Only a few newspapers will survive which means we get the real news from Editors who will rercognise that there are people out there who actually have a brain and can think for themselves.

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