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Allocate 1% of the license fee for community broadcasting

1 Comment 16th November 2014

Allocate 1% of the license fee to fund community tv & radio

Why does this matter?

There is a growing sector of community broadcasting in the UK which is struggling to survive and grow, and I would argue that it is more relevent to communities than BBC local radio

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One Response to Allocate 1% of the license fee for community broadcasting

  1. J Robertson says:

    Good idea? Not as stated; needs re-stating.
    Bad idea? likewise.

    I’m not sure what “community” adds to the description of a type of TV and radio. As someone who briefly tried to work for a station called Radio Thamesmead in the 1980s, I didn’t see much idea from the ex BBC local radio people who worked there either.

    I would like broadcasting of local bands and local gigs, which I think is a role for local radio that already exists. Such a system would do a lot to take-over from arts funding, which has been cut and I guess should and will be cut more.

    I would like coverage of local council elections. I think that could be done by avoiding more than two council elections in a TV news area in any one period – say a month or a week. That way, existing local TV news journalists would find it possible to report council elections sensibly.

    I see no harm in things like the old BBC community broadcasting unit, or whatever it was called, but the chance to write a blog for free nowadays makes local expression a bit easier anyway; the two ideas I’ve suggested might help local bloggers and groups anyway.

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