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Allocate land for UK citizens

Comment 17th August 2010

Give us back a small piece of our Motherland.  One hectare per genuinely interested citizens to set up our own domains for our lifetime use and then pass on to future generations of our own families.  A plot this size is perfect to create a self sufficient, self sustaining 'Paradise'.  It would give people back their sense of pride in our Beautiful Britain, get people back in touch with nature, grow trees, hedgerows, orchards, keep bees and chickens etc.  I realise this is not for everyone right now but for those that genuinely want to see change and are prepared to take action, lets just see how serious our new coalition government is about giving power back to the good people of these islands.  I believe that this will reduce the unemployment queues, reduce crime, empty out half of the hospitals, build strong communities, in fact there are no 'down sides' to this idea that I can come up with. 

Imagine thousands of these little oases up and down the length and breadth of this county, the air we breathe would be cleaner, the populace would be happier and less prone to depression.  We would be cultivating enough food for our own needs and then selling the excess produce or even donating it to local hospitals, schools etc as locally grown, organic healthy food that tastes so much better than forced, artificially packaged foodstuffs that have probably travelled hundreds if not thousands of miles to reach us so how can it be called 'fresh'.  In Russia, they are already way ahead of us in doing this and this idea is growing all by itself.  More and more people are becoming 'fired up' by this so come on help us out and give us our God given land back to cultivate and grow as a nation.  Remeber the national pride surrounding the World Cup recently and that was just a game of football (sorry fellahs) albeit short lived but it is most definitely there.  TAKE A CHANCE ON US, I DONT THINK IT CAN FAIL.

Why does this matter?

I believe this idea is important because of the unity it would create and then the environment would improve practically overnight.  People would regain a strong sense of purpose and be eating a healthy diet and automatically taking more exercise as a result of working in their garden plots.  It would build incredibly strong communities and would even take lots of traffic off the roads as there would be less need for continuous deliveries of produce etc clogging up the motorways.  The more we think about this idea the more we can see the perfect simple logic in bringing it about.  Lots of people would opt out of the rat race and get into something they would love thereby leaving vacancies for their replacements in the cities etc. 

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