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Allow acces to shared property for all.

Comment 19th July 2010

Everyone should be allowed to walk across and around land owned or used by private companies or public organisations but shared by a large number of persons e.g. any office campus, university campus, campus of halls of resedence (i.e. the University of Sheffield – Endcliffe student Village in Sheffield Hallam).

Of course there should still be exeptions were national scurity or saftey would be at risk i.e. the serect security services (MI5/MI6) and the railways.

Why does this matter?

Whilst protecting individuals property from theft and vandalisum, this law also makes criminals of perfectly rightful persons simply wishing for a casual look around out of intrest, or to use premesis as a throughfare.

Repeling this law would alow persons to pass through and around sites mentioned abouve without the threat of prosicution. Presons would no longer be brought down being turfed of property or seeing signs "No tresspassing" – "Tresspassers will be prosicuted"

Not being allowed to go were we like within reason is therefore detrimental to civil liberties.

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