Allow B&Bs & small guesthouses to sell alcohol without licence

It is INSANE that a B & B with just a couple of bedrooms providing evening meals to nice, quiet guests has to have the same incredibly expensive licence, jump through all the same hoops and go on the same completely OTT training courses as the managers of huge chain pubs pouring alcopops down the necks of hundreds of drunks in city centres. There is absolutely no need for a small guesthouse or B&B with, say 5 rooms or less, to have a licence to sell a bottle of wine or a glass of beer with a meal to residents, or a indeed nip of scotch at bedtime. Get get rid of this crazy over-regulation and in the process boost micro-businesses and encourage self-emplyment in struggling rural economies. The state of our city centres after dark shows the whole licensing system is a pointless and expensive farce anyway, but make a start by lifting this onerous burden from small-scale entrepreneurs.

Why does this idea matter?

Rural economies are struggling, regular jobs are few, tourism is one of the few growth areas. It is vital to encourage small-scale entrepreneurs to enter the hospitaltiy sector by removing pointless over-regulation. Currently an alcohol licence is completely unaffordable in both time and effort for a small B&B or guesthouse, yet there is no conceivable downside to allowing alcohol sales in such a context and to do so would transform the economics of these small enterprises.

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