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Allow British TV to be viewed abroad

Comment 2nd July 2010

Create a mechanism for UK expatriates to view all UK home based channels legitimately.

Why does this matter?

Expat British people value access to UK TV in English from wherever they are. However, they have to submit to all sorts of subterfuge (using Sky outside the UK, using illegal downloads, ripping DVDs etc) in order to watch their favourite programmes and keep in touch with the UK and UK culture. All of this makes expats behave like criminals for trivial reasons and simply for being outside the UK.

All of the broadcasters go out of their way to stop access to UK TV from abroad. This is in contrast to many other countries which broadcast their signals across Europe without restriction – e.g Germany. Most expatriates would gladly pay an equivalent of the BBC license fee for access to all domestic UK channels on different media (satellite, Internet etc).

The usual excuse is that there are rights issues. Well, this seems like no problem at all given the clout the UK media industry has in the world. Either the programme makers accept it or they can keep their programmes. Why bother buying foreign programmes with restrictions when the money could go into making quality British TV programmes instead.

Expats are not interested in the alternatives like BBC Prime which are very poor quality, repetitive and contain old material. Heard all those arguments before thank you.

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