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Allow cyclists to travel both ways on one-way streets

Comment 15th March 2013

This law is primarily for one lane one-way streets in an urban context.

Bicycles should be allowed to travel in both directions on one -way streets that only have one lane.

In the Netherlands this practice is allowed and many more cyclists take to the roads than here.

Cyclists save the government money on every journey that is ridden.


A) Not using space on public transport.

B) Degrading the road surface less than other vehicles by many degrees.

C) Taking less space on the road cyclists reduce congestion.

D) Producing minimal carbon emmissions thus keep the cities free of pollution and reduce the UK's carbon emmissions.

E) Being healthier than the average citizen and using NHS less.

The government should encourage cycling and give cyclists as many advantages as possible to shorten their journey length and time.

Why does this matter?

We in the UK have to reduce our carbon emmissions by 40% over the next  20 years.

To do so we need to adopt less polluting forms of transport.

Many urban journeys that are made by car are less than three miles.

Cities where people cycle and walk more tend to be more friendly environments to live and work in.

Giving rewards to those who do take up cycling is important.

Allowing cyclists to go in both directions on one-way streets is a suitable reward for good citizenship.

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