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Allow electronic submission of form NRL1/2/3 for non-resident landlords

2 Comments 13th August 2010

To submit an NRL1/2/3 form, I must download a PDF file, fill it in, and then print it and mail it to a UK tax office. There, someone is presumably employed to type it into another computer system. If my writing is unclear, it may waste further time and resources.

Instead, we should be able and encouraged to submit this information online. A simple step would be to allow users to email the completed PDF form.

Simple queries between the Inland Revenue and the non-resident landlord could take place by email, rather than phone or mail.

Why does this matter?

Electronically submitting forms saves the government money, and conserves paper. It reduces the volume of international mail, and associated greenhouse gases. It reduces the scope for human error, and allows more efficient collection of tax.

Additionally, this would ease the burden of this regulation on the companies and individuals concerned.

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2 Responses to Allow electronic submission of form NRL1/2/3 for non-resident landlords

  1. David Powell says:

    Yes, this is a simple and obvious idea that would save a lot of wasted time. In order to let the property you need a registration number. In order to get the number you need to fill the form. In order to fill the form you need to include the purchase date. The delay in the process means that the property cannot be let right away. Which is ridiculous.

  2. Paul Davidson says:

    Just in case anyone need to fill out a NRL 1 form, I found a blank form in this link . This site PDFfiller also has several related forms that you might find useful.

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