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Allow for-profit organ transplants

Comment 7th July 2010

Make it legal to offer to buy or sell one's own body organs whether pre or post mortem.

Why does this matter?

Every year totally innocent people die because, by law, they could not offer money to prospective donors who would have otherwise sold them (for example)  a kidney to save their lives.

Considering in a liberal democracy the most fundamental right is the right to life, this restrictive existing legislation seems absolutely unbelievable.

In fact this law violates two fundamental rights. Not only the right to life but also the right to your own person. With the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 one would assume that finally any person owned completely their own person, or body and not any other person.

Apparently not.

By law a manifestation of owning something is the right to dispense with or sell it or part of it. If we are not allowed to sell part of our bodies, then does it not follow that the law recognises we do not own it?

By law we are allowed to donate an organ to save a life. However we cannot do the same action if we make a few quid out of it.

It does seem like bigotry at play.

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