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Comment 2nd July 2010

Repeal all laws that prevent UK citizens from freely expressing their opinions.

Freedom of speech MUST be enshrined in a new UK constitution, and (as in the USA,) it must be presumed that a citizen has the right to express their opinions, now matter how repugnant they may seem to others.

UK Law must no longer be used to regulate the thoughts and ideas of its population.

Why does this matter?

Labour's thought control legislation has bullied the UK population for far too long.

It is not acceptable for lawmakers to define what an individual is and isn't allowed to think.

Such laws never work in practice, but tyrants of all political hues will continue to search for  methods to try to enforce compliance. Herein lies the greatest danger.

Britons must be allowed to express their opinions freely, and any future attempts to restrict freedom of speech must be thwarted by unambiguous constitutional rights.

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