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Allow HGV’s to temporarily increase speed for essential overtaking manouvres, to prevent two HGV’s spending miles attempting to overtake each other whilst prevented by their engine speed restrictors

Comment 2nd July 2010

HGV's should be allowed short periods of time to overtake other HGV's, rather than be restricted to 59mph. The current restiction regularly produces two long tail-backs of traffic, often several miles long, which tie up two motorway lanes until the vehicles pass one another.

Allowing short periods of acceleration for overtaking could still be managed and be recorded on the tachographs, and it would significantly reduce congestion on motorways, and importantly reinstate the necessary differences in speed which make motorways work for overtaking and move traffic back towards the slower left hand lanes which would also make the roads safer.

Why does this matter?

This simple change in engine speed restriction could still be monitored, would significantly reduce congestion in the faster right hand lane and improve visability for all road users which should allow drivers to drive at safer breaking distances, a win win solution for all.

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