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Allow Local Authorities to use Electoral Roll to Prevent Fraud

Comment 14th August 2010

At present local authorities are having to pay Experian, the Credit Reference Agency to match their own electoral roll against their own council tax records to identify people claiming a council tax discount for living alone, when other adults live at the address and are registered at the address to vote. This is becauise the law does mot allow the Council to do this data matching itself, but a credit reference agency can.

This is a ridiculous state of affairs. A simple data match that could be done on a PC is costing each Council £15,000 or more putting millions of pounds of public money into Experian's pocket. The law should be changed so Councils can do this simple check themselves. 

Why does this matter?

It will save Councils money (over £1m pa) and stop the data security risks involved in transferring data from councils to Experian. 

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