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Allow Parking on Verges/footpaths generally

Comment 7th July 2010

In some areas you can park on grass verges or with a tyre on a kerb, but in another area this can incur a fine.

Therefore make it legal everywhere, so long as the verge or footpath is still wide enough for pedestrians to get by. The required with should be a set amount (maybe one metre).

Unless there is a no-parking sign, obviously.

In many places it is accepted because it is the only way to park safely in those locations due to the the road being busy or narrow, and people are never fined. But when you go to a new area you don't know at present.

Why does this matter?

The current situation is unfair , as you can park like this in many places but in another place you might get a fine. It is down to a police officer's opinion of what "obstructing the highway" means. And once that opinion has been given against you, there is no defence.

It would be much fairer if there was a set width (maybe one metre) of footpath you have to leave clear. Then we would know where we stand.

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