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Allow plastic bottles containing water in all venues

1 Comment 4th February 2016

Some rugby and football stadiums use the good old excuse of Health and Safety to stop patrons from taking their own bottles of water into the venue.

Ironic as staying hydrated is best advice if you are to be in a place for 3 or 4 hours. Some places eg the Millenium stadium ban the import of all plastic bottles – requiring them too be thrown away. Presumably this is to force you to buy the stadiums own over priced supplies.

Others – eg Old Trafford for the Rugby league grand final (I would not want anyone to think I support Man U) require spectators to remove the bottle top – so you get your water – but a big risk of spilling your drink. Very inconvenient and frankly a disgraceful way to teat adults.

I have watched sport in many many stadiums and have NEVER seen a full water bottle thrown – and if it was the thrower should be held accountable for their actions – not those who are behaving and want a drink.

Why does this matter?

Hydration is important – and we should not prevent people from having a drink of water in an easy and convenient way. 

Lots of complaints on the internet about this too

Small plastic bottles allowed at the Emirates Showing that it is not consistent

Glasgow Warriers — must have a top on the permitted 500ml water bottle

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One Response to Allow plastic bottles containing water in all venues

  1. Robert Muir says:

    Entirely agree. The bottle cap was removed from a bottle of water that was in my wife’s handbag when we went to an Andre Rieu concert at the O2 Arena. There is no H&S or security justification for this action

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