Allow safe standing at UK football matches

I believe that the right to chose whether to be seated or standing whilst watching football matches should be restored.

Huge numbers of supporters (over 24,000 at Borussia Dortmund) in Germany stand week-in week-out – and this is all achieved perfectly safely.

In the UK, fans at rugby league and union matches are permitted to stand. Those who attend music gigs (including gigs at UK football stadiums) are also allowed to stand. It is grossly unfair that football fans are completely discriminated against by not being allowed the choice to stand.

In summary, football clubs in the the UK should be legally allowed to create standing sections, so that fans who would prefer to stand could elect to do so, whilst those who wish to be seated can chose a seating area.

Why does this idea matter?

My idea is important because it removes a completely unjustifiable discrimination against a group of people who wish to enjoy watching their favourite sport. 

Many fans feel that their enjoyment of the game is diminished by being required to be seated – and many others flout the law by choosing to remain standing – which can then cause arguments between fans.

I feel this law being repealed would restore the equity of fans of different sports. It would give people the choice and freedom to either be seated or stand, and it would fulfil the Liberal Democrats promise to re-assess at the debate into safe standing.

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