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Amend Asylum Laws

Comment 8th July 2010

There are numerous posts about asylum, each involve 'Remove all' or 'Allow all'.
We must allow asylum, but we must  regulate it properly.

The asylum laws were made to provide shelter to those persecuted for political or religious reasons in their own country.  This has, over the years, been extended to cover any aspect that does not fit with ones own society.

The understanding of the asylum system was that a seeker would present themself at the first 'friendly' port of call and declare their intent ro seek asylum.

I would say that in all instances of anyone seeking asylum in the uk, they have travelled across Europe until reaching UK, thus by default proving that their intent to seek asylum is purely financial and not any other reason.  As UK is, to all intents and purpose, an island, any asylum seeker must arrive on ship or plane.

Their country of depature must be their own country or a country that is not friendly to their life style (religious, political or sexual) both countries requiring them to seek asylum due to their circumstances.    Arrival from any other country, by definition, removed their asylum status.

It is perfectly logical that a French person may seek asylum for his political views, as they can only each here by ship or plane, but a German can only claim asylum if they arrive from Germany by plane, if they go through France, then they must seek asylum from France, unless France is not 'friendly'.

As we are governed by European Law, then any European country is friendly, therefore no one of any nationality should be arriving from any European country to claim asylum.

No one should be seeking asylum that has lived here for more than a month, as to claim asylum the inention, as defined by treaty, must be made at the earliest oppurtunity.

And a month in UK is far more than enough unless one is kept captive, in which case, this would need yo be proved.

Thus any asylum seeker entering from another European or friendly country must be refused  entry and returned to their country of departure. 

Any person seeking asylum after 1 month in the UK, should, without question be returned to their country of origin unless they can prove they could not declare their intention earlier due to no fault of their own.

Any asylum seeker arriving with out identification papers should be detained until they can be identified and their application processed.

It is almost inconceivable that a person arrives in UK without any form of indentification after travelling by air ship or land.  Lack of identification is a clear sign of false intent.

This is not a radical suggestion , it reinforces the already existing system , but in a manner fair to all.

Bear in mind that once a seeker has gained asylum in a Eurpoean country they can then, if they wish, travel to UK as permitted under the EU laws.  So why doesn't it happen…because UK is seen as and is genuinely a soft touch in Europe.

In most if not all instances, asylum seekers are in fact illegal immigrants as many do not arrive directly from their country of origin.


Why does this matter?

This will help the true asylum seekers enter the country.

It will also send a message to those that wish only to gain entry for  financial or political reason that this will not be tolerated.

We must allow people to seek asylum, but they must be genuine.

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