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Amend CRB requirements

Comment 6th July 2010

amend the operation of the CRB rules so that one CRB check for the duration of its validity is sufficient for any activity/employer within that period of validity

Why does this matter?

rules at present are crazy – every activity/employer has to apply for its own CRB check. Vast waste of time and money for everyone and hassle that could dissuade people's involvement. E.g. 1 person could work in a school in different capacities and also engage in vol work elsewhere. At present each activity requires its own CRB check. Surely the same records being checked each time. 1 check should be sufficient for anyone requiring it throughout its validity. Its pointless duplication otherwise. Very easy to implement; would immediately remove unnecessary costs from many public and private organisations; would remove alot of hassle from people's lives…and without damaging the purpose for which it is intended.

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