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Amend or Repeal Employment Act 1980&1982, Trade Union Act 1984 and Employment Act 1988

Comment 1st July 2010

The all-but complete removal of the working persons right to withdraw their labour, to picket and therefore to defend and fight for rights and safety in the workplace has been systematically destroyed by these Acts.

At the every least recognised trades unions should not be under constant legal threat of injunction against industrial action for petty and ridiculous "infringements" of ballot rules (eg BA stopping cabin crew action without any real legitimate cause, merely a legal nicety).

Why does this matter?


It is every working person's right to withdraw there labour in dispute with their employer. The employer should never allow disputes to escalate to industrial action – but where it does surely there must be a fair and level playing field.

Under current legislation the field markedly skewed towards the wealthy, powerful employers, the city and the CBI – it's high time some fairness was brought back (somehow, of course, I don't imagine a Conservative government even considering this as a fair option; it might damage their friends' profits).

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