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Amend the Law that allows referenda

Comment 4th August 2010

Currently when something is decided by a referendum, the result of the referendum stands. There should be an opportuinty to hold the referendum again, say after a period of seven or  ten years, if a given number or percent of voters concerned petition for the referendum to be re-held.

Why does this matter?

Referendum can decide a course of action based on the feeling of the country on the day of the referendum. This can be effected by economic, social, weather, and other factors, specially media attitude and pressure, that exist at the time the vote is held.

Some decision made by referendum may look different as time and experience put a different light on the decision.

We get to review the decision on who governs us every four or five years, so why should we not re-visit referendum decisions after a period of time has elasped?

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