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Amend the Smoking Ban to boost the Economy

Comment 11th July 2010

When the Health Act 2006 became law on the 1st of July 2007 in England it banned smoking within indoor public spaces. It was a totally undemocratic law because it did not ask the general public (smoking or non-smoking) through a referendum or the like what their view was on this change. Because of high taxes, the smoking ban and the recession about 35 pubs a week close along with clubs and restaurants.

I would suggest that all private premises that allow the public to drink or eat there should have smoking and non-smoking areas to reflect both sides. This should include Hotels, Airports, Pubs, Clubs, Resturants etc.

Why does this matter?

The people who used to visit these premises now stay at home and buy alcohol from supermarkets etc. If there were designated spaces for smoking then people would be encouraged to use these facilities.

At the end of the day the cost to the NHS from illegal, uncivil or unlawful activities such as binge drinking, drug use, fighting or crime should be financially punished by charging them for treatment and also for overnight stays.

People that do smoke are doing a lawful thing and by default pay large sums of money in taxation (cigarette duty/VAT etc) to the treasury in the process. Do drug dealers, users or criminals pay their taxes when they commit unlawful acts?

By allowing smoking back into the normal areas it would generate extra tax revenue, boost the economy by keeping local pubs and shops open and create less social division. It would also mean that less rubbish would be discarded outside pubs and other buildings such as cigarette ends, matches and packets etc. There would also be less noise nuisance and the premises owner will keep their guests within their contained area which helps with disorder problems outside the venues.

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