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Amend Vehicle Excise and Registration Act & Regulations

1 Comment 6th July 2010

Amend the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act & Regulations to remove the current restrictions on number letter format on vehicle registration plates, and charge an appropriate fee to allow drivers to specify their own combination of letters and numbers up to 8 characters in length. Not only will this give freedom to drivers who want to choose vanity plates, but by applying eg: a £20,000 vanity fee, even if only 10,000 wealthy individuals in the UK opt for it a year, you still generate £200 million a year. Enough to pay for a small hospital.

Why does this matter?

Provides new service and freedom to driving public that would be likely in demand.

Generates significant regular new income for HM Treasury.

Easy to administer, using existing infrastructure.

Mimicks similar schemes already in operation in Canada, US, etc.

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One Response to Amend Vehicle Excise and Registration Act & Regulations

  1. Adrian Wes says:

    Stupid idea setting fees so high. Ends up that Vanity plates are only for the wealthy. Far better to make the fee reasonable so that anyone can have one if they so desire; Just make resales of numbers/marks only allowed through the DVLA so that people do not benefit from selling on these marks and there should be enough marks for everyone.

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