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American misuse of deportation agreement

Comment 9th July 2010

Generally Americans attempt to export their laws to other countries.   An example of this is that I refused to sign paperwork which would have caused me to agree to comply with their Patriots Act.  

It would seem that the last government signed a onesided agreement which allows for the deportation of UK persons/residents to America, when the actions of these persons are not, in the UK, considered to be illegal.   I am under the impression that the basis of this agreement was to ensure terrorists were promptly deported on a reciprocal basis, whereas it would seem that the Americans have used it otherwise.   

These arrangements must be undone and this government should not be cowed by American displeasure. 

Why does this matter?

This government must show that it does not bow to American imperialism and that all and any reciprocal arrangements made are entirely balanced

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