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Ammend asylum laws

Comment 2nd July 2010

To many people from outside the EU come here and claim asylum. They pass through many other safe countries heading for our shores as we are an easy touch and becasue they speak English (sometimes).

We need to ammend the asylum laws so that:

1) A person can only claim asylum once. They must give DNA sample on claiming asylum which is then checked to make sure they have not claimed before. If they have, they are to be ejected from UK shores within 12 hours with no appeal.

2) A person should have their asylum claim dealt within within 1 calendar month. If the country is deemed safe, they are returned without question. If they wish to appeal they do so at their countries British embassy/counsulate.

3) If they have traveled via other EU countiries to the UK, they are ejected to the country of entry without right to appeal. If France suddenly had a load of illegal asylum seekers dumped back on their shores the EU would quickly change their aslyum laws to stop it. As we have the issue they do not care as we are not seen as "one of the boys".

4) Only allow one appeal to be held by a senior and specialy trained judge. This will be the final answer and if aslyum is not granted the person(s) are deported within 12 hours back to their country of origin.

5) Stop ALL benefits and rights to homes to asylum seekers. They should be detained in centres until their case is heard. If they get granted asylum they should be put on courses to force them to learn english, and skills which can help our country – with a requirement they are in work within 6 months. Failure to do so should result is no benefits or aid from the goverment.

This will stop the UK being seen as a soft spot and a place where anyone can get benifits/houses etc for free.

Why does this matter?

Because the UK is seen as a soft spot for non-EU nationals.

The UK public is fed up with people getting things for nothing when those of us who have worked all our lives struggle.

Because we have some of the most dracionian laws which see the "rights" of aslyum seekers placed above those of the countries own citizens. No other EU country has laws like this.

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