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An excuse to behave badly

Comment 3rd July 2010

It is quite clear that the only people who make use of this ridiculous law are those who wish to behave badly. i.e. criminals, terrorists and those who seek a life of immorality which was previously thought un-acceptable. This law has made behavour which had previously been publicly un-accepable, now perfectly acceptable. It has no boundaries and if not abolished now will eat its way through our judicial system to the point where murderers are being pardoned on the grounds of their actions "being their human rights"!!!    Clearly the only winners from this act are the above mentioned and of cause Lawers and Baristers. What a coincidence, who was it who introduced this act shortly after becomiming Prime Minister? Oh yes, Tony Blair, previously a Barister and what is it his wife make her fortune from, practicing as a Barister, another coincidence, and has I dare say done pretty well for herself from defending Human Rights claims!!!

Why does this matter?

This has been one of the most socially damaging laws ever introduced in this country and we MUST get rid of it immediatly before it does further damage.

It is grosly injust, it alows prisoners and terrorists more rights than our brave armed forces who are risking and sacrificing their lives for us. It provides more rights for criminals than for their innocent victims. It is time to restore real justice and give rights back to the victims of crime,  to see their persecutors face tough justice without the protection of being able to claim their Human Rights.

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