Animal Welfare Act England and Wales – rescind tail docking exemptions

The 2006 law permits too many loopholes such as:-
(a) permitting advertising of docked litters – often described as 'working'.
(b) pet litters in exempted breeds being docked
(c) docked litters being imported
(d) docked dogs being shown at non fee paying shows
(e) owning a docked dog after the ban without the required paperwork
(f) puppies not being subsequently microchipped or not having microchips checked when they have changed hands
(g) no national registers listing legal dockings

If  non-therapeutic docking is banned altogether it clarifies what is legal and what is not and avoids paper records. 
The latest research study – Veterinary Record June 2010 –  indicates that  500 puppies would have to be docked to save one injury (docking itself is an injury!) and that is across all breeds not just those exempted.  Working made no difference.

Why does this idea matter?

  • To simplify the understanding of the Animal Welfare Act,
  • Uniformity throughout the United Kingdom
  • Enforceability throughout, eliminating cross-border anomalies.
  • Make it workable




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