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Annual Elections to Parliament

Comment 11th July 2010

MPs to be elected for one-year terms. Elections to be staggered, with one-third of constituencies voting in February, another third in June, and the rest in October.

Why does this matter?

I believe that this would make Parliament more truly responsive to the voters they are meant to represent. Currently, once MPs are elected for five years, they can do whatever they like and are not properly accountable.

At present, the government can ignore the public and worry about the consequences in five years' time. If they knew that they could lose a third of their MPs in the next four months, they would seek to keep in tune with those who elect them.

I think that this measure would make sure that the government debated thoroughly any difficult measures with the public, knowing they had to win over a majority of the electorate to their way of thinking.

Annual elections are common in the boardroom, in trade unions and most other walks of life. There is no reason why our most important appointees are not equally subject to this scrutiny.

After all, democracy should be rule by the people, not just an afterthought once every five years.

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