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Anonymity for sperm donors

Comment 9th July 2010

Reverse the decision removing anonymity for sperm donors

Why does this matter?

When sperm donation was made non-anonymous

  • The amount of donors dropped significantly
  • Waiting lists moved to years, if people were offered the wait at all.
  • Some central organisation controls access, charges a fortune (over £1000), and places severe limitations. For example if you licence sperm for artificial insemination then you cannot after multiple failed attempts try IVF without waiting and paying again.
  • For some reason the local hospital has not been able to form its own donor program and solve some of these problems.

It's no wonder people go abroad or bypass the correct channels. What risks then?

The argument for making it non-anonymous was based on the idea that the child may suffer for not knowing who the donor is. This is a very nebulous risk. Do we have evidence that the children do suffer and that the suffering would be alleviated by the current system? What is worse, to know but then what, or to just know you can never know and accept that?

This is a balance of rights issue. If it can be demonstrated that the new regime makes things better then so be it, but at the time all we had was "Think of the children" with no indication that there was actual suffering that could be alleviated.

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