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Apply ethnic quotas to the cast of “The Archers”

2 Comments 17th March 2018

Radio 4's tedioulsy smug serial drama "The Archers" consistently fails to represent a cross-section of British society.

Ambridge is shamefully devoid of immigrants, refugees or religious minorities.

By casting white, middle-class, rural people the show fails to represent modern farming which is clearly diverse and tolerant to all groups of people (I admit that there is a Geordie cast-member these days but I don't think she can be considered to be an ethnic minority)

The occaisional gay, lesbian or trans-gender cow wouldn't go a miss either.

Why does this matter?

People who listen to The Archers are often tediously dull Radio 4 addicts. Therefore they deserve it.

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2 Responses to Apply ethnic quotas to the cast of “The Archers”

  1. Tigger the Cat says:

    Trans-gender cows? Bullocks!

  2. Oldandugly says:

    Who gives a dam you lot need to get out moor, all the issues we have going on now & you give this space Really…….

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