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Artists in public buildings

Comment 18th July 2010

Most grass roots artists are not receiving the support they need to survive. Arts council funding goes on elitist conceptualist works that have no intrinsic value to society at large.  My idea then is to remove the arts council. and replace it with a network of public buildings across the country.  Making every public building have an artist residency program.   This would then create fresh new ideas for some old stale public buildings as well as attracting more visitors to them.  It would also enable artists to have real jobs and actually get paid for once.

Why does this matter?

This project would be a great stimulus to our economy as it would facilitate a change in employment from artists working elsewhere in other sectors, usually retail. that in turn would open up the door for others to replace them in those roles.


The only funding required would be to increase the budgets of public buildings by 1% to 2% which would come from the arts council anyway. so the government would not have to find new money.  Not only would the government find some new respect from the public but it would also help to regain the respect of many artists across the country.  the onl loosers in this are the so called elites who have been sponging off the state for decades.

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