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Assisted dying

Comment 24th July 2010

I strongly believe it should be an individuals choice, (anyone metally competent and terminally ill), to have an assisted death – without the helper being subject to prosecution. Surely other people should not be able to impose their views on me. I believe there is a high level of public support for legalisation of assisted dying 

I have made a 'Living Will' (or as it is called today, Advanced Decision) and deposited with my GP. He was most supportive and said he sees many patients to whom he must administer life prolonging medicines when it was clearly not their wish. Heartbraking situation for all concerned, not just the individual, but their family and friends too.
Please make every effort to change the law here. There are a number of people having to travel to Switzerland for an assisted death and others attempting suicide behind closed doors because of our existing law. Holland & some US states allow assisted death – why not UK?

Why does this matter?

I have had first hand experience of seeing loved ones linger on without dignity. Also seeing loved ones placed in a home. Even an expensive 'home' does not guarantee you will be loved. I would suggest that nothing could be further from the truth in naming these establishments as 'homes'

I certainly do not want to linger on in this life once my dignity has gone. Why should I be kept alive? Such a situation is a real concern for all the family and can place a massive strain

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