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Assisted Suicide shouldn’t be illegal

Comment 10th July 2010

Suicide is legal, and if consent can be clearly demonstrated, assisted suicide should be legal too.

Why does this matter?

We recognise that suicide is a decision that people have a right to make about their own bodies. Suicide attempts are no longer punishable in courts thanks to this. However, we refuse to allow assistance with this, meaning that anyone who kills themself does so clumsily, painfully and often highly ineffectively, meaning that someone already in a lot of trauma spends the end of their life in a long, drawn out, and excruciating death.

There is no reason why assisted suicide should be illegal, under any circumstances. If someone makes a choice about their life, and someone else helps make the suicide as quick and painless as possible, then we shouldn't send that person to jail for up to 14 years.

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