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assured tenancies/ pensionfunds

Comment 22nd July 2010

currently one is not allowed to hold residential property in your SAP.

My suggestions is that residential property, let to local authorities/councils on assured tenancies , should be eligible to be held in pension funds

Why does this matter?

There is no doubt that long term residential property is one of the best long term investments.

There are very few safe places with a good return for private pensions to invest

Most pensions have sufferred and need bolstering

There is a chronic shortage of  good local authority properties to let

There is no money to prvide these affordable properties

The construction industry is on its knees, and this initiative wood stimulate demand and hence supply.

new homes would be provided at the private sector cost, jobs would be provided, private pension funds would be bolstered, and all this at no cost the the government.

win, win

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