At a MINIMUM ignore drug users and growers

Here is my beef, one more time.

I have a body, its mine – if i so choose i will cut it up, burn it, shred it to pieces and why? because it is MINE. In the same respect if i choose to put ANY substance known to man in me that I  the CHOOSE to put in my body the gov has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

If repeal is not on the cards, which it should be, the bare minimum i demand from the law is to leave me the heck alone!!!!!

Fine, if i hurt someone else because of what i do to MY BODY then come get me, put the cuffs on me as tight as you like and lob me into a dirty cell but until the day where cannabis hurts the third party LEAVE ME ALONE

Why does this idea matter?

Because the MoDA is nothing short of dictatorship as it is currently being used.

CAMERON YOU WERE FOUND IN POSSESION any arrest?  you certainly did not loose your place at eaton for it, ergo i should have the same immunity?

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