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Audit Regulations 2003 and 2006

Comment 9th July 2010

The audit regulations are a ridiculous and expensive burden on small Parish Councils and should be scrapped, being replaced by something sensible and reasonable.   Indeed, the 2003 regulations were so badly written that the (still flawed) 2006 amendments had to be produced.  The audit costs for the small Parish Council for which I work cost £6.20 on average for every single cheque written.  This is because the Audit Commission insists on a double audit of the accounts – one by the Parish Council's own auditor and one by the Commission.

The dates for completion of the audit as demanded by the Audit Commission are quite unreasonable and put an unnecessary burden on a part time employee.  The Audit Commission expects its work to take top priority.

Why does this matter?

There are two reasons why my idea is important.

1 The cost of the Audit Commission's audit process can be halved by having only one audit.  There could be an added benefit of reducing the size of the Audit Commission which seems bloated with layer upon layer of management

2 The demands put on a part time clerk by the Audit Commission to work extra time against someone's will are totally unnecessary and are a breach of the Human Rights Act.

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