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Automatic Jail For Violent Offences

Comment 18th July 2010

Make it an automatic jail sentence for "any" form of violence toward another person. This would include hitting someone in the street or a pub etc. Regardless of the reason, no one has the right to strike another person. In a modern world we should be able to control our tempers and walk away, knowing that the strong arm of the law will be upon the person that struck us.

Why does this matter?

Assault is on the increase more and more nowadays, fueled by the fact "nothing" is done about it.

Several times I have come across the words "common assault" which the police will not take action against. When they do take action on violence the sentences are minimal. It is fundamentally wrong that stealing a pair of socks from a shop more often than not leads to a stronger sentence than hitting a fellow person in a pub.

The freedom to walk the streets unafraid of being assaulted is far more important than the value of a goods.

We need stronger laws, and more powerful punishments, backed up by going to a jail which is not a nice place to be.

There will always be those who don't care, but Mr or Mrs average would think twice before lashing out if the result was a guaranteed prison sentence.

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