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AV Voting should allot points relating to order of preference

Comment 5th July 2010

Points should be allotted according to people's preference when voting. If there are 5 candidates in the constituency, the candidate that is a person's first choice would be allotted 5 points, the second choice 4 points, the third choice 3 points etc.  This would obviously have to be adjusted depending on the number of candidates in a constituency, and there may need to be a larger difference between the number of points given for each position in the list. The candidate gaining the most points would win.

Why does this matter?

This idea is to make the system fairer.  The way AV works if every candidate gets an equal vote whether they are a person's first, second, third or fourth preference is that someone could be elected who is the majority's third or fourth choice but a small minority's first choice.  This could lead to the smaller parties getting an disproportionate number of votes and MPs. This system favours people who don't really have a particularly strong view of who should be their MP, and would be happy with someone who is their third or fourth choice, but not the people who would only feel happy voting for one particular candidate and would not be happy with any of the others.

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