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Avoid Publicly Demonizing Sections of the Public

Comment 10th August 2010

I am disappointed that only weeks after this site was launched to see David Cameron now making another tiresome "cracking down" announcement that's all too reminiscent of the bad old days. I thought we were moving away from this.

But let's first of all be clear on what I mean. My point is NOT that penalties for benefit fraud should not be imposed. They SHOULD.

My point is something rather different. It is stop demonizing sections of the public. Attack the crime but not the wrongdoer.

The problem of benefit fraud could be dealt with just as effectively without encouraging hatred.

This is not the Big Society. It's hate-filled Blairite petty-mindedness all over again.

Why does this matter?

A society cannot be Big without social cohesion. And we cannot build a socially cohesive society by making hate-figures out of our fellow citizens.

Focus on the problem, deal with the problem, and deal with it effectively.

But do not provoke public hatred towards minority sections of the public.

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