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Back to work for new mums

Comment 5th July 2010

How can the government pay a registered child minder £175 per week to look after your child when you to back to work, if thats the case then why don't they just pay the parent to look after thier own child, my daughter has a very clingy 7 month old and the thought of having to leave him with a stranger is very stressful, from what I can make out you can no longer leave your offspring with a relative or friend, crazy, but because of red tape and laws she has no choice because her husband is on a low income, how ridiculous bring in some form of help to keep a parent with thier child/children, as long as one of them is working  help the other one to stay at home and look after the child/children , that's the way it should be, I am sure there are many people in the same situation. It's a world gone mad.

Why does this matter?

Children should be with the parents at all times not left with a stranger, we bring our chilldren up now days not to talk to people they don't know and we are now being forced to do so because of the law. I have not got anything against child minders my thought is for the child, no matter how good the child minder is they are still strangers to a baby,  to see your child upset just so you can make ends meet is totaly outrageous.

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