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Baliffs and Business

Comment 10th August 2010

At present YOU are at danger (if you own a company and can be proved to have at ANY point operated your business affairs from you're own home… most start ups do so for cost benefits) – from having all you're household possessions seized and taken away in a lorry from a high court enforcement officer.

From personal experience (and shown all over the internet if you care to read thousands of other accounts of bad behaviour from these so called "Sherriff's"), these bullies bend the rules and use every trick in the book.

They will turn up to you're own house and say that unless you can not show receipts for every single item in the house, he has the right to take the view that the company could have bought everything in it, so he has the right to put all goods in a lorry – you can claim them back later through application (in reality they 'shift them on' at light speed and use stall tactics so you have no chance of getting them back).

What's more, I was only in my twenties and living at home, it was my parents house they attacked/threatened (my Mother was forced to run into town to pawn her rings to pay enough of the debt off to make him go away).  She was not even involved in the business.

This is immoral, but through sneaky use of loopholes in the law (in particular, the showing of receipts, and apparently the fact that if it is a Limited Liability company, high court enforcement officers are allowed  to cease even 'essential tools of the trade' -ie. your computers)…. these thugs are running riot – I must be one of thousands this kind of thing has happened to.

I proposed that any baliff or enforcement officer of the law must give 30 days to the defendant to allow someone working from home to put all of their company's possessions in storage for their seizure…  and if a high court enforcement officer is to enter someone's home, they must be allowed time to employ on the day of their entry into a property, someone such as a lawyer to act on behalf of the defendant to ensure that good practice goes on… this will also allow the person time to gather receipts for their house to prove what is theirs.  I propose also that an exact time should be given that any baliff is to attempt to enter any property so the same preparations can be made in any circumstance regarding baliff or enforcement action. 


















Why does this matter?

This is extremely important becuase if people are to carry on with the entrepreneurial spirit required to pull this country, indeed this world out of reccession, there needs to be protection for those very people that are going to have the guts to set up their own businesses…or it makes a mockery of the very reason that a Limited Liabilty company is set up in the first place.

Bullying should be left for the playground days (even then it shouldn't happen)… if someone's life/household possessions are attacked by baliffs' using legal loopholes, then right at the point they need to be equiped with a rich, supportive environment to help them help themselves out of financial difficulty – they are getting all foundations for recovery pulled from underneath them – and likely they are going to be pushed down into the depths of personal depression to which they may never recover… and indeed will then become another statistic that needs supporting from the tax payer as they go on income support.

I just read that in Northern Ireland there are no balliffs' becuase basically the community does not stand for them (ie. they HAVE community that doesn't take any nonesense from bullies)… it will not be long until a similar war will play out unless action is taken now.

Balliff's are not all bad people, indeed after second meetings – I made my peace with the enforcement officer, saying to him, "Look, I know you are only trying to put food on the table for you're family."   Well, that's all I was trying to do too with my company – and that continue's to be my focus.  If the banks will not support businesses, then we the people need to.  Then our government must if they wish for us and in turn them to prosper.  Speech over…



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