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Ban Bad Driver activites

Comment 6th July 2010

I have been driving for over 20 years, I have had points for various reasons and feel that those who have not have generally been lucky. In short I am an a normal everyday commuter driver.

1) Hoods should be banned, you lose peripheral vision and are more likely to have an accident

2) Smoking should be banned. The whole senario of looking for a cigarette, finding a lighter, lighting it, tapping off ash and in my experience occasionally dropping the lighted cigarette into the lap makes it dangerous.

3) Motorbike riders should HAVE to wear leathers and highly visable jackets.The current one front light should be amended to be of a fog light type.

4) Bus lanes and stops should only be placed where there is suffient room to pass.

5) The red route concept should be put in place around schools and enforced. A simple £50 fine would suffice.

6) Lane sitting should be an offence, if there is room for someone to 'undertake' then there is room to pull over.

7) Driving bans need to be backed up with a stronger penalty as it is often ignored.

8) Driving without insurance should be a hugh fine, if involved in an acceident all cost should be paid out of any assets or future earnings, up to and including a minimum wage scheme for doing manual labour on government projects for those who cant find work to repay the costs.

Why does this matter?

These are simple safety ideas that expand current regulations and cover items that should have been included at the start.

They would make the roads safer and improve the chances of survival and repairing damage done.

75% of people would not need to make any changes to comply, ensuring that you do not criminalise the general public, while those who would need to change should be able to with minimal effort.

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