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Ban Hunting – It has no part in a civilised society

Comment 16th August 2010

My idea is to keep the hunting with dogs ban as it is barbaric and it is a cruel and sadistic pastime. There are no excuses for hunting to continue to exist; it does not control foxes, it will not stop the odd incidents of foxes in the cities. Hunters are known to keep foxes alive so that there are plenty to hunt. A pack of hounds chasing a fox are basically 'out of control' and pose a threat to children, pets, livestock and anyone in their way. If a member of the public let a aggressive dog loose on the streets, they would be prosecuted; what's the difference? If foxes attack foul on farms then I suggest that these farmers should better protect their stock not whinge about it. This law is not unnecessary, it is valid and how you can include it together with other minor complaints such as welsh/english road signs, the right to have open air concerts and other such trifle is beyond me. This issue is the banning of a ritualistic, paganistic  practice. If you want to hunt then organise 'drag hunts' but leave our wildlife alone; yes they belong to everyone not yours to do with as you please.     

Why does this matter?

Because the law is in place and is working. If anyone believes that it is not then the resulting action should be to strengthen it, not discard it. Or are we to discard the laws to protect children from abuse; because you cannot police that either? Also 75% of the public do not want a return to hunting (various sources e.g. LACS). There is also a link to child abuse from bloodsports and general animal cruelty (abusers generally focus first on family pets in the known cases of child abuse). Therefore we should endeavour to stamp any animal abuse if we are to improve society.   

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