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Ban injury lawyers adverts

Comment 7th July 2010

I want to ban injury lawyer adverts because the fear of businesses getting sued by their own employees is creating ridiculous regulations that strangle businesses.

Why does this matter?


A society that encourages people to sue others is not one that I want to live in.  The 'suing culture' is becoming more and more rife and it's getting to the point where people have to be insured for everything, comply with ridiculous rules and regulations: in short go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their business is risk free to the point of regulatory suffocation.

This fear of being sued has a ripple effect throughout society which breeds an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion and fear to act throughout society.  One ludicrous example is people being advised not to shovel snow from the front of their house in case someone slips and you are liable to be sued.

This culture of screwing other people over to get some quick money must be stopped.  

One of the foremost principles of Britain is to get forward in life without harming other peoples chances in the process.  We are in danger of forgetting this and losing our honour and respect in the process.

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