ban male circumcision

it is illegal for anyone to perform a so-called female circumcision, so why should it be ok to allow male circumcisions.  moslems may claim that this is descriminatory, but there is no requirement in the Koran that it should be perfomed.  In fact the Prophet (peace be upon his name) gave no opionion on the matter.  It is merely a hangover from the desert-dwellers who had no access to soap and water.  In the past circumcisions were performed unnecessarily because of the misunderstanding of the anatomy of the penis.  Nowadays prepucial problems are easily sorted out with steroid ointments.  So there can be no use for such a brutal operation in the twenty-first century.  In the USA the widespread neo-natal circumcisions are financially driven by a privatge health system.

Why does this idea matter?

It is important that there should be equality in legislation, and to protect young children from this kind of abuse.

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