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ban on smoking used to harass people

Comment 13th July 2010

i work and am a patient in a large hospital. staff are always harassing patients about smoking. now in a general hospital there is good reason, especially in thoracic areas. but in a mental hospital staff get all the power and the patients have no voice to speak for them. their own views are ignored or mocked. i have witnessed this bullying getting worse and worse. no patient is in for aversion therapy on smoking. they can't go anywhere, they can't leave the ward. smoking staff have also got strong opinions on these witch-hunts. we all recognise that its bad law, bad nursing, bad behaviour by very stupid and selfish people that is being sanctioned by the state. i note also that many businesses such as pubs and clubs are also finding this 'law' particularly unpopular. in fact entirely illegally it is now common to be refused an job interview or fail such an interview simply because the person smokes. next it will be drinkers. or fatties. or 'name your pet target'… i suggest that these hypocrites be reminded that law which is used to bully people who have no redress is worse, much worse, than the smoking its supposed toaddress as a health issue. in fact these non-smokers are hated. as we should all hate 'hitler' types. as far as i know hospitals, rehab hostels and prisons were all exempt; but these bitches got the bit in their teeth and ran with it with no consultation of affected people whatsoever.

Get rid of this law. or these people. or maybe the people will do it for you. i personally would feel great joy in hanging that silly mare hewitt…you ask. answers no. so you ccompromise. you consult. you make allowances. this anti-smoking shit was another nail into the hands and feet of england. 

Why does this matter?

it is important that the over regulated health n safety rubbish is seen for what it is; tyranny. and that it is ruining our freedoms, even the psychological health of our children… it is moronic and typically socialist.  you can have a nation of candyfloss people. but not for long…

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