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Ban Positive Discrimination

3 Comments 12th February 2015

Positive Discrimination is the concept that someone should be prioritised for a job or position based on their race, class or status over others who applied or wish to gain the job or position. This should be banned and actively discouraged.

Why does this matter?

This is discriminating the others who are not of a minority race, class or status and is in no way ‘positive’.

As British people, I believe we all believe in the ‘best person for the job’ in all cases. If you went to a team building day and had to get everyone over an obstacle course, you wouldnt pick someone to go first simply based on the fact theyre from an underprivaliged background or from a minority race, you’d pick them based on their own individual merits.

Positive discrimination benefits no one and only serves to disort the level playing field we are supposed to be creating. People should be considered for jobs and tasks based on their merits as an individual, not on factors which are nothing to do with their ability to fulfil that task.

Such organisations associated with the government who aim to gain a workforce which accurately depicts the ethnicity and status of the British population should not fulfil these criteria by discriminating against applicants based on these factors. It should be working to encourage more applicants from the areas of the population they are lacking in.

We as Brits, all believe in equal opportunities. This serves to detract from that vision of an equal society and instead tries to force the issue, while at the same time, marginalising the regular average person who doesnt fulfil the criteria on the agenda of the organisations using such methods.

We prevent religious schools from picking and choosing based on faith, but at the same time we do very little to dissuade organisations run by adults from ignoring this positive discrimination attitude, of which we are all aware is going on as the leaders of businesses and organisations push their workers to selectively recruit minorities, excluding others.

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3 Responses to Ban Positive Discrimination

  1. Andy says:

    Agreed. What about the poor discriminated-against majority? Why should you be discriminated against by virtue of your (majority) race or (allegedly majority) creed? Or for being male?

  2. Nikii says:

    Please sign my petition, Ban Positive Discrimination

  3. G.Squire. says:

    This law only seems to be applied in relation to women in certain jobs but not in building, civil engineering, and other jobs where they are in an extreme minority.

    It is never applied in relation to men in nursing, child care, primary school teaching and many other positions where males are in a great minority.

    So either use it properly or scrap it altogether.

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