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Ban Vehicle Clamping.

Comment 4th July 2010

Ban vehicle clamping on private land . There are other ways to control parking without resorting to clamps.

Why does this matter?

Currently,companies carrying out clamping are unregulated,unlicensed and unscrupulous.

Clamping vehicles on private land is contrary to Sec.40 AJA, contravenes CPUTR and the Business Names Act 1985. Most clampers demand extortionate cash payments which indicates fraud and loss of revenue to HMRC.


Scottish Courts in 1992 decided that the Clamping of a vehicle and the demand of a release fee on private ground amounted to theft and extortion.Why is this trade in misery still allowed in England and Wales?

Police Officers refer to any dispute with clampers as a 'Civil Matter'. This is false information given by untrained and/or incompetent servants of the state which does very little to promote their standing and supposed professionalism in our communities.

The BPA is composed of people who also support this unregulated industry and it is time Parliament was proactive in ending this trade.

Please give this matter your full consideration and let us see the Scottish model adopted throughout the rest of Britain.

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