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Comment 27th August 2010

Smoking bans were doomed to failure from the start as the alleged scientific information was not that, in fact it was a total lie as the independent research from many reputable organisations could find no evidence of any health risk from passive smoking. It was also doomed as the Labour Government tried every bit of trickery to get this legislation through, and as usual it was a cheaply done exercise with no regard for the consequences.

The solution was so simple any pub wanting smoking had to resort to installing stud walls and having an internal room, much as days of the old smoke room; to allow smokers and non smokers to have a choice. But then Labour have never been about having a choice, just dictatorship and control of the population. Modern heating and ventilation systems were amended to allow them to be used in pubs and other public areas so they could supply the necessary heat or cold without affecting non smoking areas with smoke from the smoking area.

Why does this matter?

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