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Bat protection regulations

Comment 26th July 2010

Restrict the recommendations to protect bats and their environments to realistic recommendations/alternatives that don't prioritise bats' needs above those of human beings, especially special needs and other vulnerable groups of the local communities. To also restrict those recommendations in cases where schemes are prioritised for the good of the community such as new schools or social housing  – perhaps by making them exempt from these regulations.

Why does this matter?

Going through appropriate agencies to conduct bat surveys before commencing any construction works on site, resulted in a preposterous recommendation from a registered bat consultant that insisted our local authority should provde 2 roosts at a cost of around £10,000, to rehouse 3 bats that had been sighted during the survey. Within the same project, rehousing of respite day care for special needs adults in the community was also required, however if we are forced to spend up to £20k for rehousing bats, there would be no funding left in the budget for special adult care facilities for the needy members of the local community. The particular consultant has threatened on previous occasions to take the project managers to court if her recommendations were not fully implemented and this would be a cheaper option at a fine of £3,000 per bat for disturbance – however this would encourage us to break the law, which for a council employee is not appropriate.

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