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Be able to sack your Counsellor.

Comment 8th July 2010

To the Mods.  I've seen the wording of another one you blocked so I'm gonna try this angle.  Giz a fair chance eh?


Basically there are laws coming in to make MP's sackable.  By forcing a local election under certain circumstances.

I propose this power be extended to Councils as well.  For the same reasons.  It is a restoration of civil liberties, hence why I am trying it this way.  If someone lies to get in they need to go, so there is a serious justice factor as well.

Yet the regs as is have been set up to not allow this.  Hence why you now have these new changes.  Unwritten or written down they were there and protected bad eggs.  It could even be called implied law. Like an implied contract, and how that is not written down yet some things can be reasonably expected.

Hence why MP's are now being made more accountable.  The old regs were bad so needed adjusting.  There may be some repealing in this.

Why does this matter?

I propose the original regs be adjusted ( and repealed where required ) to make Local Councils accountable as well.  Bad laws brought in by previous govts will have contributed to this I'm sure.  So some level of repealing and adjusting will be required to bring back our Civil Liberty of sacking the naff.

Which I argue as being a basic right in a Democracy, that somehow got lost in the election rules as they developed over the years.

I'm sure some regs will need to go.  There are a lot of them obviously, I don't know them all, so please humour me on this one.

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