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Becoming Greener

Comment 6th July 2010

I think rather than remove red tape, in this case I would like to create some.

Essentially, I think that it should become law that all new houses built should have solar panels installed on the roof.For larger houses, this should be Solar Panels and possibly a smallish wind turbine in addition dependent on size. Also Cavity wall insulation and Triple Glazing should become mandatory. Yes Triple Glazing, not double glazing.

A further comment concerns electric cars. Yes, developing electric cars is a great idea, but not
if we use fossil fuels to generate all the electricity to run them – This is somwhat counterproductive.

Why does this matter?

Reduction of greenhouse gases, reduction to the burning of fuel is beneficial to all the people of the UK. We need to set an example to others in order that everybody follows suit, it is in the long term interests of all of us, particularly future generations. Set an example and Act now, just talking does not cut the mustard.

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